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Gamer Rant


  1. A website that is home to looking at the other side of gaming.
  2. A group or individual who voices their thoughts and concerns about an industry they love.


  • Gamer Rant was started in 2012 as YouTube channel that focused on the negative side of gaming: developer practices, publisher screw ups, etc.


  • Our goal is to give gamers a voice when it comes to having their voices heard, but not seen in a negative light when it comes to issues they are passionate about and have concerns with.

Review Bombing


  1. A website that is home to reviewing the other side of gaming…the developers & publishers.
  2. A group of people who create negative reviews in hopes of getting developer attention to an issue or concern. These reviews are usually about the issue and not the game they chose to review bomb.


  • Ars Technica published an article on September 8th, 2008 titled, “Gamers fight back against lackluster Spore gameplay,” which referred to a wave of negative Amazon reviews for the game Spore as “review-bombing.”


  • Our goal is to give gamers a voice when it comes to having their voices heard, but not seen in a negative light when it comes to issues they are passionate about and have concerns with. Given the criteria, we review, review bombing campaigns are welcomed here.

What to Expect?

If you’re looking for how much bullshit is in that video game: microtransactions, DLC, day-one updates, etc., welcome. Tired of reading reviews on video games? Well how about the developers & publishers? Because here at Review Bombing that’s all we review. Did another game pull a No Man’s Sky or Fallout 76? If they do it’ll be mentioned here, as we get information on it. What you’ll find in our sections:


  1. Bomb Awards – Us handing out our own game awards, but not for what you’d expect. Bad launch? Well that game might get the Worst Launch award (to give an example). These are not yearly awards.
  2. Controversial Archive – we go back in time & give you our thoughts on controversial gaming topics before our site existed.
  3. DLC Archive – An archive of modern games with a list of all DLC, microtransactions, drm, etc. that it has or had at one time.


  1. Developers – reviews of developers including publishers as developers.
  2. Publishers – reviews of video game publishers.
  3. Retro Edition – reviews of developers & publishers before such things as DLC.
  4. Missing in Action – reviews of video game companies (developer/publisher) that are no longer in business (probably because of Electronic Arts).

We don’t bother talking about gameplay, graphics, or story here (plenty of other review sites you can get fix on for that). We’re all about informing you what negative aspects come with the game you are buying and/or bought (In Game section).


Review Bombing was thought of by Keven Pirritano, a gamer, writer, webmaster, and nerd. However, this idea of Review Bombing (website) was inspired by Keven’s YouTube channel Gamer Rant.

“I was constructing a website for Gamer Rant when I decided to add reviews to it. And after about six hours working on it I tossed it out and began constructing Review Bombing instead. I felt it would fit better and hopefully, gamers would use it. After all given what we review & our sites name it just makes more sense. Making them and review sites happier. Get your voices heard without littering other review sites with Review Bombing Campaigns.”

~Keven N. P.


Development 25%
Design 100%
Content 2%
Basic Pages 5%
Reviews 1%
Game Database 0%

Meet The Team

About Us
Keven Pirritano
Founder, Webmaster, Writer
I’m a gamer, writer, and nerd. I enjoy playing video games just as much as I enjoy making them (hobby; Game Maker, RPG Maker, etc.). Born in 1983 I grew up in a time when video games were “complete”.


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